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Junot Diaz To Release New Book Wow!

"This Is How You Lose Her" Book Cover
From Publisher’s Description:
The stories in This Is How You Lose Her, by turns hilarious and devastating, raucous and tender, lay bare the infinite longing and inevitable weaknesses of our all-too-human hearts. They capture the heat of new passion, the recklessness with which we betray what we most treasure, and the torture we go through - “the begging, the crawling over glass, the crying” - to try to mend what we’ve broken beyond repair. They recall the echoes that intimacy leaves behind, even where we thought we did not care. They teach us the catechism of affections: that the faithlessness of the fathers is visited upon the children; that what we do unto our exes is inevitably done in turn unto us; and that loving thy neighbor as thyself is a commandment more safely honored on platonic than erotic terms. Most of all, these stories remind us that the habit of passion always triumphs over experience, and that “love, when it hits us for real, has a half-life of forever.”

Mud Colors

“You stand on the mud,” she said, “not in the mud.”

The sky was blue that day, and the clock struck twelve. Students walked back and forth on the quad, and the young man stood corrected.

“Our feet were in the mud, though. They were swimming in their own brown way.”

“Why do you always focus on the colors?” she asked. “Feet don’t swim in a brown way, just as fish don’t swim in a blue way.”

“Well, I think they do,” he said.

“Well, I think you’re silly,” she said, and walked away. Her backpack was yellow and green, just like the flag of Brazil.

He thought about how she walked in a green and yellow way.

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Ok this is kinda the other stuff I do, sketchbook stuff. It’s just more detailed/ I put more effort into it. I think it also tells more of a story. I don’t know.


Ok this is kinda the other stuff I do, sketchbook stuff. It’s just more detailed/ I put more effort into it. I think it also tells more of a story. I don’t know.

(via urbannelle)

(via urbannelle)

And the people bowed and prayed
to the neon god they made,
and what difference does it make?
I love you so much anyway.

And in your breast I gently laid,
your arms surround me in the lake,
I am joined with you forever.

And the people bowed and prayed,
and what difference does it make for you and me?
All delighted people raise their hands.

Sufjan Stevens


At the cafeteria, Anne and the boys eat sandwiches at the table.

“I hate the firestars,” a boy says. All nod along, except Anne. They do not ask her why she doesn’t nod along. But this time, she feels the need to say something.

“But it will end soon,” she says.

All the boys turn their heads, a little befuddled. Perhaps the vagueness of the comment has given it a cosmic dimension that confuses them. She clarifies it.

“Whether we like it or not, it’s going to end soon. And then we’ll be adults who can’t be awake through the night, and we’ll miss it,” she says.

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Esto fue anoche en Centro Medico. Esta este deambulante tocando guitarra y cantando en la calle frenta a Sala de Emergencia. En esto llegan 2 guardias de seguridad y le dicen que se salga de la calle que esta en el medio, el muchacho se mueve a la acera y sigue cantando. En eso uno de los guardias le dice: Te dijo que te muevas pal carajo o quieres que te lo diga yo de otra manera. Una Sra. le da $1 al muchacho y le dice: toma mijo y salte para que no te den. uno de los guardias le quita el $1 y le dice; Aqui no se puede pedir, la Sra. le dice al guardia: El no me lo pidio yo se lo regalé. El muchacho le dice al guardia; Ok yo me voy pero dame el $1 que ella me lo dio a mi. Otro guardia dice: arranca y vete si no quieres que te arreste. El muchacho le dice: tu no me puedes arrestar porque tu eres un guardia de palito, ademas yo no estoy haciendo nada. Despues de eso pasp lo que ven en el video. Lo que no se ve en el video fue que lo esposaron, lo tiraron al piso, y se lo llevaron al cuartel que queda al lado. Al rato llegaron como 3 patrullas a buscar al muchacho y radicarle cargos. lo que no se esperaban era que todos (si, TODOS) los presentes sirvieron como testigos del muchacho y contaron lo que en realidad paso y no lo que le querian achacar que era, alteracion a la paz. Pocos minutos despues de los testigos salir, salio el muchacho con la guitarra rota, las muñecas cortadas por las esposas y un hematoma en la cara y se fue del area tranquilo, no sin antes agradecer uno a uno a los testigos por su valentia y ayuda.  

Video del Deambulante…El  William Llamas y canta en el tren Urbano para buscar su pesos… Veanlo  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdaAF5S-lE


This was last night at Medical Center. This the homeless playing guitar and singing in the street frenta to Emergency Room. Along come two security guards and told to get out of the street that is in the middle, the boy moved to the sidewalk and keep singing. That one of the guards says, I said fuck pal you move or want me to tell me otherwise. Mrs A gives $ 1 a boy and says, making millet and jump to not get. one of the guards takes the $ 1 and says, here you can not ask, Ms. tells the guard: Not asked me what I gave it to her. The boy tells the guard, Ok I’m going but give me the $ 1 she gave it to me. Another guard says start and go or I’ll arrest you. The boy says, you can not arrest me because you’re a guard stick, plus I’m not doing anything. After that PASP what they see in the video. What is not shown in the video was handcuffed him, threw him to the floor and took him to the barracks next door. Soon came as 3 patrols to look for the boy and radicarle charged. what did not expect was that all (yes, ALL) these served as witnesses to the boy and told what actually happened and not what you wanted was to blame, alteration to peace. A few minutes after leaving witnesses, left the boy with the broken guitar, cut wrists by handcuffs and a bruise on her face and left the area quiet, but not before one by one to thank the witnesses for their courage and help . 

Video of the Wandering … The William Llamas and Urban sings on the train to seek their pesos … See it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdaAF5S-lE

With all the crime affecting Puerto Rico, with all the carjackings, the murders, the shootings, and especially the shooting of innocents, the police here concentrate their efforts on bullying and bashing a man who was singing outside a hospital.